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Show a caveman a rock

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 4th, 2005 ~ 1pm

More of my discussion prompted by the recent Peter Jennings ABC television special on UFOs and alien encounters:

Don, I think we actually have filmmakers like David Lynch to thank for the way views of alien encounters have changed. But follow me on this one, because I don’t come to the same conclusion as you did:

What if it is not that people are using the fictional portrayals of other dimensions, etc, as the source material for fantasies, but rather, what if the language and imagery of fiction is providing the ability to come closer to an accurate interpretation of what is occurring?

That is, you show a compact disc to a caveman, and he’ll think he is looking at a small pool of water. Give him a few centuries of cutting rocks open, and he’ll think he is looking at either a small pool of water -or- a big piece of mica (the silvery flaky rock). Give him a few centuries of technology, and he’ll likely think he is looking at either a mirror or a storage device. Then laugh and tell him it isn’t a CD at all but a DVD.

What I am saying is that if the so-called aliens are actually something not native to our reality, then perhaps we might depend upon what our culture and arts have provided us with in order to form an interpretation of what we are seeing. So what people are reporting shifts, gradually, as we gain a greater dexterity of language and concepts.

In short, there seems to be a huge mental mind-boff (pardon my slang) going on, which to me would have been a great subject for documentary.

(That might be a highfalutin theory…there is a more mundane theory which is simply that early reports of alien encounters weren’t as “strange” as reports from the 1980s onward simply because the people who were writing books in the early days purposefully left out the “strange” parts. But once people started writing in their own words – most famously with Whitley Striber in the mid 1980s, a man who was already a writer so had no need of having someone else write his story – the cat was out of the bag and a wealth of details about time distortions, odd feelings, the whole gamut of “high strangeness” stuff was no longer being kept in check.

Either way, we’ve somehow arrived at a time when the view of alien encounters is different than it was decades ago, and I think that the Peter Jennings report should have gone into it).

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