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2 new albums

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 ~ 1am

2 good additions:

Swati “Small Gods” (The version of “2 AM” on a Relix promo I had is different, must have been a demo or something).
Platinum Weird “Make Believe” (faux band name, actually Dave Stewart and singer Kara DioGuardi). I’m told there was a 2-CD Best Buy edition — a full second album’s worth on the second disc — that I should really find. No sign of it on ebay. The 1-CD version can be found for pennies on ebay so I guess no one liked it but me. Update: Yay for me, I scored the bonus disc from an Amazon reseller. Actually, it is the “advance” issue of the CD, which is the same as what then turned up on the Best Buy exclusive CD — – 8 different songs and 4 “alternates” of what appear on the regular album.

Update: And I tried a couple albums that I didn’t like: Poe “Hello” and Vienna Tang “Dreaming Through the Noise” — although the Vienna Tang came close to being something I’d like.

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