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New Photo Album

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 11th, 2008 ~ 12am

Finally found a photo album that I like. Photo albums are pretty passé now, what with digital cameras sending their data to glowing screens, but, a photo album can serve as a sort of highlights reel if you print the best ones. I actually do not have many photos, but, I needed a new album because I had 5 or 6 photos at risk of being lost.

This album is nice in that it has a swirl on it. Randomly placed (not exactly as shown).

What this album does NOT have is the ability to put some photos vertically instead of horizontally. And it can’t accept anything larger than 4×6. As such it is lacking in imagination — except for the outside swirl, which is cool. Given that photo albums are perhaps not drawing in the top designers anymore, this was the best of what still exists. Also, the inside pages are white, which I like much better than black or cardboard colored. (I have seen some that allow for vertical placement, but, not with a good cover.)

Place found: Ritz Camera. Places checked and didn’t like: Mike’s Camera, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshalls, McGuckins, Amazon’s random assortment.

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