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Thoughts In The Breeze

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 11th, 2008 ~ 12pm

I’ve really got to start an anonymous blog for my less conventional thoughts.

As I am standing on the corner of 14th & Walnut waiting to cross, a nice looking woman approaches the corner that I will soon be walking towards. She is illuminated by the sun brightly, so much so that I can’t quite tell her age. She’s essentially just a few feet beyond the range of my best focus, so I decide not to ogle. Instead I turn my attention to the wind. The extreme winds that started last night are sending relatively warm waves of air up the legs of my pants, refreshingly cool across my balls. As I am enjoying this and thinking these thoughts, it is apparent that the illuminated woman is now trying to suppress laughter. The crosswalk lights, and we pass each other midway through, and it seems clear to me from the way she half-avoids looking at me that she was laughing at my thoughts of enjoying the breeze.

I like believing the likelihood that there are some people out there who can indeed hear our thoughts, when they have idle time to listen and when we have clarity about them, as I did with my honest, uncluttered appreciation of the breeze.

Or perhaps, if she was not a telepath, then perhaps she just noticed I was trying not to look directly at her and took it as the interest that it was. But that would be a pretty damn subtle thing to notice.

And yes, I checked later to see if my zipper was undone. Perhaps I just looked amusing in the wind. I had my hat on, so no humorous follicles there… Seems I’ll never know.

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