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Vague Post of the Year

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 ~ 2pm

Oooohhhhhooohooohooowwoooo, I want a consulting agreement. I just saw the terms for the consulting agreement the others who are involved in the [can’t say] and it would be a life-changing amount. Of course, it only gets paid if [it happens]. But ooh. I think I got excluded from the deal because [certain people] were not aware of my areas of expertise and what a resource I would be. I sincerely hope this oversight can be corrected, because it will be hard to give a crap about [can’t say] if I’m doing the work but not getting the reward. I’m all set to do the work, heck I’ve been doing it since 1998. I’m not exactly miffed, but, I feel like it would be sensible for me to have expected to be part of this, so I guess that is the edge of miffdom.

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