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Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, February 21st, 2008 ~ 7pm

The wire removal (how often do you hear that expression NOT in reference to film special effects?) at the office looks fantastic. We tend to forget how cumulative retro-engineering of a space results in a crappy feeling. Now the walls meet the ceiling perfectly, with no wires in the way. They run through the ceiling (attic, crawlspace) instead. And the result is calm. This should not be understanded. There’s a major difference from something seemingly trivial.

The paint fumes have given me a headache but no other disturbances. This is due, I am told, to the painters using “low VOC” paint, which was insisted upon by both K and Danny, my boss, partly out of kindness toward me, partly for themselves:

First, choose your paint wisely. Generally speaking, higher quality paints have lower odor. The potentially harmful compounds in paint are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC.) The VOC level is always listed on the paint can, so either compare the numbers, or ask at your paint store. Most paint companies list this information on their websites. Some companies are now manufacturing non-VOC paints although this is fairly new technology and the paints may not be of the highest quality. The lower the VOC, the less fumes the paint give off as it dries. A combination of factors from choosing the right paint to ventilation will help you get rid of paint smell.

Next week when it is more done I will be working on some before and after photos for the designer, and I’ll post some of them here. Not that I had any part in choosing the colors. Or in having the idea to do this at all. Or really, anything other than working there. But still, fun.

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