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Another exciting day at the office

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, February 22nd, 2008 ~ 8pm

There’s only one thing more fun than doing something yourself: paying someone else to do it. Today at work was very productive in that I got to pay a Flash designer to animate two graphics for the company website. My task involved telling him what we wanted, then in guiding him to what we considered perfection. I liked it. Perhaps it was most exciting because I made the static version of one of them, and then he was rebuilding them, animated, just as I imagined it.

Also, the office walls are still being painted, and some of the walls are solid swaths of color now, which is neat to see, even if the paint (or maybe a cold?) is giving me a headache and irritated eyes. Still a couple days of painting left — Saturday was supposed to be the last day but I would not be surprised if they finish Sunday (or Monday if they do not work Sunday).

And as if two thrilling things per day wasn’t enough, I also became a consultant, per that things I mentioned a few days ago. (Others had received agreements, but not me, and I felt left out and sad, and hoped that would be resolved in my favor. And it was). Or at least, I will be if the project [can’t say] moves forward. Which could be any time between 18 months to three years from now. Doesn’t effect where I am or anything — I could do it from anywhere. But mostly, it just feels like something wonderful and secure. Even if it is just a potential.

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