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Paste music sampler CD

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Friday, February 22nd, 2008 ~ 8pm

The Paste music samplers that my housemate collects (from work) are great. I loaded them all up and have played a few each night, and there’s no less than 1 or 2 artists per disc that I want more of. That is a tremendous success rate; I rarely hear things I like — and even the songs on ’em that I do not want to buy more of are good, too.

Exit Clov, Maria Taylor, and Brandi Carlile are three artists I just sought out on ebay. I feel kinda bad buying used/discount, because I like to support independent musicians, but I just can’t justify paying full price for CDs. Similarly, I don’t download albums for free, either. I walk the 6 or 7 dollar middle, I guess.

I also went retro and ordered the old Repo Man soundtrack, because I liked David Bowie’s cover of “Pablo Picasso” on Heathen, and I liked the Futurama season 4 cover of “TV Party”, and I realized I didn’t have the originals of those tunes. I had the lp, or maybe a cassette, back in 84.

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