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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, February 25th, 2008 ~ 3pm

I’ve always said that I’d vote for whoever gets the Democratic nod, but I am not sure I could in good conscience vote for Clinton after seeing her mocking Obama’s oratory skills and his message of unity. By extension, she was also mocking the majority of the voters who have been giving Obama the wins, though I imagine in her mind she was only trying to point out, in a bitter way, that no one can do what Obama says he can do, and that people should therefore settle for her instead. But I don’t want to settle. I want a president to be proud of, I want an Obama.

I was willing to overlook her dubious-at-best claim that being the wife of the president was “political experience”, and to overlook the way she puts on a fake country accent depending on what part of the union she is visiting (or maybe the non-country accent is the fake one*), and the way she endorses Republican ideas like flag-burning amendments and the war in Iraq rather than endanger her personal political ambitions by standing up for what is right, but frankly if on top of all of those failings she is also a person given to mockery, I don’t think I could vote for her. She’s always struck me as a power-hungry, say-anything, thinks-shes-smarter-than-her-followers type of person, all qualities which should disqualify people from being president (but which tend to be the qualities found in people who run for president). Now she appears to be contemptible to boot.

*Bush’s fake Texas accent, when he’s really from Connecticut and went to Yale, bothers me too.

She would probably be the lesser of two evils, if it comes down to a choice between her and the Republican, simply because Republicans are unabashedly evil. But I feel it would sully myself to vote for her. So maybe I’d have to abstain.

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