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CD covers not on iTunes II

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Monday, February 25th, 2008 ~ 10pm

Continuing my earlier entry, here are more scans of album covers not currently on iTunes.

Actual size of each of these scans is iTunes-friendly 600 x 600 pixels, but each is displayed smaller so as not to cause a problem with the blog margins. Simply right click and save.

Swati‘s self-released version of what was later released as “Small Gods”. This version, with rougher mixes and a different track order, is just called Swati “Swati” and is available only from New York based Amazon resellers (since she is from New York):

Update: I got a reply from Swati, she says “hi….It’s the same cd with the exception of one song replaced and one song being remixed and the the whole thing was remastered I think…..Bluhammock records licensed it and changed the artwork :)”

Repo Man soundtrack from 1984:

One more, Marillion‘s live album “Thieving Magpie”:

Hm, that seems to be it for now. Thought I had more.

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