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Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, March 1st, 2008 ~ 3pm

Damn. 75 degrees and blinding sun today. Leave it to me to complain, but, this is too sudden a change in temp.

I want to find some cheap coffee table books for the office waiting area today. I tried to find the Salvation Army but I forgot where it was. I may go back out now that I know where it is. But chances are they won’t have anything pretty. I mean why would anyone throw away, err, donate, a good book.

Update: I got no coffee table books — though they did have a “making of Lord of Rings” book, that just isn’t my scene. But they were having a great sale so I got a shirt for $2 and an old issue of Paste magazine with the Paste sampler CD in it.

Then I found my computer wanted attention. It was sounding staticy, skipping some notes, and I planned to update the sound card driver but ended up simply reinstalling the driver it already had. And this made the computer feel complete, and the static is gone. Mind you the first hour was spent figuring out if the static was coming from the cd I was ripping possibly being defective (nope), the cd drive not reading the disc properly (nope), seeing if a different program ripping the audio would have a different result than iTunes (yes, but this was misleading), seeing if the audio played back via QuickTime without static (yes). At that point I realized the ripping was fine, and the problem was only on playback, and only on iTunes. So from there I explored the driver. But we all know the computer just wanted attention.

And my search for coffee table books for the office led me to the used-book retailers on Amazon, which of course led me to getting a coffee table book for myself instead of for the office. I justified it due to the low low cost but really this is getting bad. I have to relearn not to just blow eight bucks on something for hardly a good reason.

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