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Laptop Panic

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 ~ 3pm

So I am starting to get panicy – in the non physical sense of the word – about my lack of a laptop. I need it for tomorrow, or Friday, but the repair place has not yet diagnosed the problem.

My friend’s computer recently burned (chips melted after the vent got closed over for a few minutes) and I was telling her about how many stores let you buy computers on monthly payments. Hearing about my situation, she said the same thing. Touche. Actually I’d only been saying that to reassure her that she could get through this crisis. It is cheaper, albeit more psychologically terrifying, to pay up front.

Even if I have to do this, it would take four days for a new computer to arrive, and, then I’d discover whether my scanner works with Vista. Yeah, Vista. I don’t want it either but I’ll take it just for the change of scenery, to learn new things, you know.

Damn. The FedEx guy just delivered the photos that I need to scan. Damn damn damn damn. So now I really am waiting.

Fwa? The computer I was looking at, which was In Stock an hour ago, is now Out of Stock.

Update: And now, a day later, it is back In Stock! So someone had the last one in their Cart and then decided not to get it. This is even more stressful than when it was Out of Stock! Because now, I should get this computer, if I need it. But I might not need it, so, I can’t just buy it, can I? I mean, with $1,600 I could, well who knows, I think to myself that the more thousands of dollars I have, the more likely I could get married if I wanted to get married, or something like that. Just because the reality is that I use a computer so much as to make it sensible that I have a really good one, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams about what I am saving a nest-egg for. Bear in mind I only work 30 hours a week, have tended to work at non-profit jobs where the pay is low, and you can see why I am nervous about spending money. It is not like I am a lawyer making tons each year, in fact, I am making less this year than I have in the past four years due to my limited hours at work.

Whew. It is a toughie. I guess I should wait. I’m just being tantalized. I should wait for the repair place to call me and tell me what options I have for repairing my current laptop. If the repairs are more than, say $500, I should just get a new computer.

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