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Cookie brain rope

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, March 13th, 2005 ~ 11pm

Recently I’ve become enamored of Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Chocolate Chip & Macadamia Nuts cookies. It’s exactly the wrong thing to be eating, but, I keep thinking of the words of a personal trainer who said to listen to what your body is asking for, and sometimes, sometimes, indulge in it. I am probably misinterpreting her advice.

Anyhow, as I ate cookie after cookie, soley for the flavor and texture, not for the (lack of) nutrition, it occurred to me that eating in this fashion is kind of like climbing up a rope. Eating is not the still activity that it appears to be. Eating is motion. But odder still, it is motion with flavor. Motion isn’t usually associated with flavor.

But that’s what eating cookies is. You are shoveling cookie after cookie into your mouth, and the cookies in sequence are like a rope which you are climbing up, and you’re climbing up it because of its flavor. And you are climbing using your tongue…which is a muscle after all.

If one took this further, one might wonder, why can’t we taste with our hands, and if we could, would we have different flavored vines to climb up? Or if we’d lost that inclination to climb, would handrails on staircases (at malls, for example) be in different flavors? Go down the tangerine staircase and up the orange escalator? Also, would people be less overweight, since they’d get a similar taste sensation from touching that they currently only get by shoveling food into their mouths to their bellys?

Lastly, I wonder if I am thinking about this because years of typing on keyboards has lessened my touch sensation. Perhaps a part of my brain usually dealing with taste is attempting to bolster the sensory processing of what my hands are providing. And it may even be leading me to eat cookies, to compensate for a lack of hand sensation. Just a possibility. Actually I think my hands are pretty much ok – it is probably as much the dry winter air making my skin less responsive as it is any carpal tunnel.

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