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Samsung 940bx vs Samsung 943bx

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, March 9th, 2008 ~ 2pm

Thought I’d share the differences between these two models, that I gleaned from much studying. The 943 is newer (March 2008). The back of the monitor is now softly curved instead of sharply angled. The stand has been reshaped and imo looks prettier, more organic, less industrial. The static contrast ratio has been slightly improved from 1000:1 to about 1500:1, though this may be an exaggeration since this can be difficult to measure — the important bit is that they feel they’ve improved it somewhat beyond the already impressive 1000:1 that the 940 featured.

The 943 also has a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 8000:1, but this is misleading — “dynamic” means the screen’s backlight darkens when you’re watching a dark scene in a movie to create the illusion of a greater contrast ratio than what the screen actually has — but this pumping of the backlight is distracting to most people, so consider it irrelevant; the important thing is that it appears that you can shut it off (as well you should!) when you are using the monitor for computing. The 940 did not have this dynamic contrast feature.

Lastly, the prices for these two models is virtually identical. In short, no reason to get the 940, since the 943 improved the contrast slightly, and the irritating dynamic contrast introduced in the 943 can be turned off.

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