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Dreams are posing challenges to me each night

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, March 14th, 2008 ~ 3pm

Three nights of dreams of how I deal with scary situations. Dream 1 was how I would deal with a raging, Hulk-like creature. I passively lay on the ground, not even in a defensive position, just purely passive — and the Hulk-like creature screamed in my ear and raged around but never hit me because I wasn’t involving myself in his rage at all, not even defensively. Dream 2 was how I’d deal with vertigo. I was following two people up a winding staircase, and then the staircase became precarious as it changed direction and opened downwards into a three story room. I stopped, afraid. Then realized I could simply fly down the space between rather than take the stairs. I energized my fly-mode (a shifting of one’s sense of self that happens to defy gravity, and also seems to provide a defensive sort of layer of energy around one’s self), and lifted off and flew down. Dream 3 was how I’d deal with dangling from someone else who was flying (perhaps it was a helicopter). That, I didn’t do too good on. I held tightly to a plastic rope as fields swept underneath me, and even though I intellectually realized that in addition to the rope I was held by a secure harness, I did not clear my fear enough to relax my fear-grip on the rope. Maybe tonight I’ll do better. It also never occurred to me to try to engage fly mode.

Update: Yup. Last night, I was faced with how to deal with the common dream motiff of being stuck in many twisty hallways. For some reason I calmed down when I “realized” that if you go towards the left, you most often come out. I do not have any reason to think that is true in real life, but in the dream I did indeed emerge into the outdoors after choosing the leftward way a few times.

Update March 18: And last night, my flying dreams were different than usual in that I flew up extremely high into the sky in order to move from one locale to another. Normally I’d stay relatively low but last night I was higher than a blimp, high enough to see three different neighborhoods/city sections in each direction. I’d say double the height of a New York sized skyscraper. This height was a bit beyond my control – I was being, well, guided or placed into this situation by something unseen. The extreme height was worrisome but it may be the kind of thing I could get used to it if I did it enough. I landed in a rooftop swimming pool rather than on a hard surface because I was not sure if my momentum from coming down from so high up in the atmosphere would present a problem touching down. On reflection I think I’d have landed alright, but the pool was a good test. If I’d really been too fast the twelve feet of water wouldn’t have been enough to slow me, but it was. Therefore I should try landing on a normal surface next dream. I speak as if these are real places. But they have their own logic and rules and so in a way they are real — as real as a simulation, anyway.

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