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Neilsen family for a week

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, March 20th, 2008 ~ 1pm

Oh yes, YES! Yes! Uuung! Too much you say? Yeah, granted, all I am excited about is that a postcard arrived at the office saying our “home” had been selected to be a Neilsen family for one week.

Now of course, the office is not actually a home, but if I can trick them, we’ll get a booklet to fill out and I’ll take it home. And subvert the system by recording that we watched good shows instead of the crap that most Neilsen families seem to watch.

I am not actually excited about being a Neilsen family — it is a tedious process of writing down what you watch in a journal — but I am excited at the idea that down the road, our feedback will cause good shows to be renewed and bad shows to die.

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