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Office Repaint Before & After Part 1

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, March 20th, 2008 ~ 8pm

I’m just getting around to uploading the before & after photos of the paint job done to the office last month. The new paint was selected by my friend K and executed by a painting crew that ended up trying to overbill us. Here’s the first pic, of the hallway.

And the second pic, of the conference area. Notice the accent color walls beyond the conference area.

Here’s a closer shot (below) of those accent colors. Who would have thought that replacing white with darker colors would actually make a skylight area appear larger? It does.

Granted, when you’ve got a giant air conditioning box running down the middle of the ceiling, and no budget to turn it into, say, wide aluminum tubes, you’re choices are limited. But making it lime green seems like a good way of making the most of what we have. And the new lighting helps bring the office ahead by a couple decades.

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  1. Kit said,

    on March 24th, 2008 at 1:01 am

    Love the colors. Makes the rooms much more interesting and surprisingly brighter.

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