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Lithium Picnic: Saved?

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, March 28th, 2008 ~ 12am

The lawsuit that was brought against alternative artist/photographer Philip Warner — popularly known as Lithium Picnic — by the malicious man who runs Suicide Girls may have ended. (See my earlier blog entry about the outlandish lawsuit designed to ruin Philip’s livelihood).

The case was due to be heard in March, and now we are approaching the last days of March, and the website that used to be updated with information about the case — which was being updated by Philip’s wife, Apnea — has vanished, and in early March Philip wrote a single line on his DeviantART account stating “i am under a contract that prevents me from discussing it but there’s probably lots of info on both sides of the story available via google.”

So far there does not appear to be any news stories that reveal whether the case was settled, and how it was settled if it was. With a gag order in place, there is as yet no authoritative statement about the outcome. I’ll keep searching.

Meanwhile, regardless of the outcome, legal expenses were at least $25,000 as March began, so click the print above-left and buy something from him. I’m keen on that poster, myself, but I’m, um, not wealthy.

UPDATE: There is some indication that Philip Warner may have won (which still leaves him with legal expenses since you can’t sue someone for suing you)… and that Sean Suhl, the man who owns Suicide Girls, countered his loss by immediately suing Philip’s wife, Apnea. So far this info is vague so don’t consider it vetted yet, but Apnea is being sued and the timing is uncanny. Also, the gag order appears to be quite strict — they simply cannot say anything. We’ll just have to wait for the court records to go online.

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