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Lemonheads reissue is good, Liz Phair reissue will be nice too

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 ~ 12am

The Lemonheads expanded reissue of It’s a Shame About Ray is actually very nice, contrary to reports that the extra songs (demos of pretty much the whole album) worked better as a concept on paper than as a listening experience. Not so. Nice.

I also had a craving for an obscure group called Marillion, and by chance the album I was craving was just reissued last week, also as an expanded edition. I have ordered but havent yet received Misplaced Childhood.

Liz Phair’s first album, Exile in Guyville, is about to be expanded and reissued too. I recall that several years ago Ms Phair said they had not reissued the album because the label could not find the master tapes. They evidently found them:

Brad Wood speaks:

[The Guyville reissue was] remastered by JJ Golden @ Golden Mastering, 4 extra songs were mixed by me. I think the remaster sounds great: a little louder on cd, a bit warmer, but retains the spindly feel of the original issue.

The multi-tracks were found 5 years ago. We had them transferred from analog to digital 2 weeks ago, [which is] when the extra songs were discovered. There are more than the 4, but many of those are from the early Whip-smart sessions and don’t qualify as EIG-era.

Honestly, a lot of it is “work versions”. There must be 6 versions of “Whip-smart”, from EIG to mid-1994. 3 versions of “Nashville”. None of these have vocals, just bare bones arrangement ideas.

No vocals, lots of mistakes…

[Thanks to Brad Wood for the information and Robert Joyner for his help.]

I like the implication that they’ve found material that could go on an expanded version of Whip-Smart, next.

I guess this wave of reissues of stuff I like truly means I am entering that age…that age when people my age are meant to be succesful and have plenty of “disposable income”. Just like how the generation before mine spent their disposable income on Sting and The Eagles and all those bands whose infomercial concerts are always on PBS. Yeck to them. Now yeck to me.

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