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Arm versus an Army

Posted in Dream by Will on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 ~ 10pm

I dreamed that I could scroll the internet on my arms, or on one of my forearms (between the elbow and wrist, mostly on the underside since I’ve got hair on the topside). It was voluntarily controlled, just like tensing a muscle or in this case sending blood to the skin, where tiny (microscopic) phosphorescent patterns were embedded just under the surface. It actually provided a pretty good reading surface for both words and photos. Of course, I appeared to have built-in wireless, or an archive of some sort.

I was scrolling newspaper archives on my arm because I was trying to explain to someone that an attack was coming and that the neighborhood would need to take shelter in an underground fallout shelter that, in the dream, stretched beneath three houses. Unfortunately, this shelter was old, falling apart, and uncomfortable, and since there was no proof of an attack coming, no one wanted to go in there. (Additionally, one of the houses had turned their part of the shelter into a basement, cutting windows into it! Thus ruining the protection!).

So, I showed a woman my arm and begged her to consider the news articles, which were from her future. She actually started reading them. I sighed. “Usually,” I explained, “just showing my arm interface is enough to convince someone.” I.e., I was using technology they hadn’t seen yet, but even so it just wasn’t remarkable enough to convince someone to go down there into the shelter. The attack was some sort of bug, related to my previous dream about clouds of aggressive insects.

I checked it out alone. I passed by some kids playing in one of the basements, and just to give them a thrill I passed through the door to the shelter rather than open it. I heard them oohing behind me. Though honestly it didn’t feel good to pass through it — it was decomposing, wood layered on concrete, and it felt crappy blending through it.

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