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All Work And No Play

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 ~ 10pm

And in this world, I built 75% of a website for someone this weekend, and I started another one tonight.

The weekend one was great because the client is very open to my ideas and rarely asks for a total revision, he just adds contributions. The site is really just one very large page, a page about himself so that he can get more speaking gigs and radio/tv interviews. As such I employed a few tricks to get a lot of material onto one page without making the page scroll forever. I kept the page length brief, and there are expandable sections (click +/- to expand) and when it comes to his books, they’re presented as a row of book covers (in a nice fanned presentation) which enlarge with full covers and synopsis if you click them. It is really leagues ahead of much of my previous work if I do say so myself. I’ll link it when it is done.

The other site left me depressed. Well actually I’ve been kind of depressed for a week, since I heard my friend was leaving town. I haven’t risen up out of that yet. But this second site is not helping. The client comes up with entirely new ideas every couple months, and she’s unsure of every one, causing me to scrap my previous work so many times that it feels like a waste. As a point of comparison, she’s had a company working on her logo for about six months now, hundreds of variations, none to her liking. I may be foolish to believe we may have a website design she will stick with this time. So I’ve cautiously made one page, one page only. Some really amazing menus on this one. Each drop-down is now a different blend of colors.

Nonetheless I was not quite ready for the first wave of revisions to it. Even though I was not invested in it. I still just did not want to be criticized, or what felt a bit like being criticized but was more of being sad that there’s just no way to know what this client wants. My friend K was there and she patted my back and said “oh, Will, I’m seeing a side of you I never see,” which I guess was my mopey side because I’m sure she’d already seen my “feeling under assault” side more than a few times (I used to be bad about that, not so much now).

What I think I want is to spend some nights with her just watching a movie or tv, no work involved. Because we each work so much and though we relish when work brings us together, it is also causing us to, well, work. Which can’t be good for a friendship.

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