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Avril Ballerina

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, March 26th, 2005 ~ 7pm

An Avril Lavigne calendar hangs in my apartment’s kitchen. In my housemates’ opinions, it isn’t simply for laughs as I claim. They may be right, who can say. Last night my subconscious sent me a dream in which I worked for not zero, not one, but two different television stations, and both were paging me to get me to go record an interview with Avril Lavigne, who was staying in town and would be leaving soon. In fact she’d called one station saying I should come over there quickly. But so now in this dream I was in a bind, because apparently neither station knew I worked for the other, so if I was going to turn in two separate interviews with Avril for broadcast the same night in the same town, well, someone was bound to notice. And on a trivial note the times of my appointments for both interviews weren’t even convenient to one another. But that was a small point next to my wondering if I’d have to wear a bag on my head for one of the interviews to keep from being recognized. So anyway I go over to the hotel where Avril is staying and well, she ends up showing off how much she can stretch like a ballerina, and well within minutes we’re wet and nasty with one another and I really can’t worry about the interviews, can I? So the dream turned out well for me, maybe not so well for my imagined career, and certainly not for the two imaginary television stations.

On reflection, this is a dream about knowing what you want to pursue in life, and knowing that your dedication to what you pursue outweights (or continues beyond) your place or station of employment in life. The workplace may change or be difficult or just plain weird, but what is at heart remains true. Also, ballerinas stretch nicely and are enticing when they do.

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