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Freud would be proud

Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, April 7th, 2008 ~ 7pm

Now, I don’t know what it means when you are getting beat up in your dreams, but, I was getting pissed that characters in my dreams knew who I was and didn’t expect much from me. Two nights ago tore it: some military guy told me that his commander evaluated me, after their team had landed in whatever place I was dreaming I was in, and the commander had told him his assessment was that I was just “a slave”. Like, a consumer, nothing more. “A slave?” I protested? “My dna is in the future of the human f-ing race, and he considers me a slave?!” and I got all angry. But, earlier in the dream I had been cowering. What had I been doing, in my dreams, anyway? How often have I played superhero? If I have super powers in some dreams, shouldn’t I make an effort to have them in all of my dreams? I should be able to summon them as deftly as Neo in wonderland.

So last night when I went to bed I told myself I would fight in my dream, and sure enough, I had opportunity to. In the dream, two kinds of flying objects were in the air, two opposing forces, one sympathetic to humans and one decidedly not. I spotted one of the antagonistic vessels up behind some high trees. So I decided to fight. I climbed up onto the roof of whatever house I was dreaming, and as I came up over an awning its defenses spotted me and fired a yellow/orange dart in my direction. It raced towards me and struck me in the lower lip and chin, but I pulled it out before the poison was emptied out. Nevertheless I did have to fall back to the ground and run my bloody lip under the house’s outside water tap, since it had gotten me.

New tactic, rather that directly approach a vessel. I looked upwards into the sky, where high above one could see the different fleets exchanging fire with eachother (and with the antagonist fleet sometimes bombing the earth). I flexed some sort of mental muscle and sent ripples of force into the sky. I wasn’t sure if the ripples reached all the way up to where they were. I asked some people if they could tell if more ships were getting blown up when I did that because I couldn’t tell. I might have just been generating a force field, The Incredibles style. On reflection, not the best tactic since the waves of force were hitting both fleets, not just the antagonist fleet.

In any case, I was pleased that in this entirely fictitious dream world I was taking action rather than being called a slave.

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