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Lithium Picnic update

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, April 14th, 2008 ~ 11am

More proof that Philip Warner (better known as alt photographer Lithium Picnic) successfully defensed himself (or “won”) the lawsuit that was filed against him by Sean Suhl, the awful man who owns Suicide Girls, only to find his wife Apnea sued immediately thereafter.

A Generic Non-disparaging Non-specific Guest Book
by Philip Warner

It should be apparent by now that after a long period of being vocal about our political and personal views on various “things” Apnea and I aren’t saying much about anything lately. I’m sure this seems curious in light of the publicity around a recent lawsuit filed against her.

Do the math.

There’s probably more than meets the eye at play, it’s likely someone will locate and post the public court documents as they did in my case and those will likely speak for themselves.

The LP site is still down I’m not sure I’ll ever have the time or energy to resurrect it. I’m still faced with over $25,000 in legal fees and it’s entirely possible that my lawyers might take legal action if I fail to pay so I’ll be focused on working off this unplanned debt for most of the next year and working hard to support Apnea in her new fight. If you’re unhappy that I’ve not been able to produce much work in the last year you know who to thank.

We appreciate the support from everyone over the last two years, it’s been a long a bizarre road. Winds of change and karma are starting to blow.


The implication that he prevailed in the case may possibly be inferred by his mentioning the $25,000 he owes to his defense, rather than mentioning anything along the lines of the $200,000 that he was being sued for. As expected, the suit was without merit whatsoever and was simply an effort to prevent an exceptionally talented artist from using his skills elsewhere.

Lithium Picnic the legend may be dead, but long live the man Philip Warner.

As I suggested earlier, it also still appears that upon losing the case, Sean Suhl/Suicide Girls then immediately sued his wife, with the intent, again, of causing harm by necessitating defense expenses rather than from any expectation of actually having a case against her.

Why am I following this case? Rooting for the little guy. Defense of art and life in the face of a bullying oppressor, etc. Plus he is exceptionally talented. If I could get him a coffee-table book deal for his photos, I would. (I suggested it to the publisher I know, but they don’t do coffee table books, just text).

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