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Upgraded from an s-video to composite connection

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, April 1st, 2005 ~ 12am

Upgraded from an s-video>s-video connection to a composite>RGB connection on my dvd player>projector today (which also means the image is now progressive scan), and wholly shit, it is an amazing improvement in detail. I compared the opening scene of Chronicles of Riddick and you can see the eyeballs of people standing in the background! I had to mail order a special cable for this, which cost about $40. Some places ask for a hundred for it, because high end theatre owners tend to be suckers. I am not. Can’t afford to be. But I do appreciate quality.

The reason I appreciate it most is because my eyes are tired. My eyes are tired of trying to refocus on the screen, trying to pull into sharp relief the fine detail which simply doesn’t exist with an s-video connection. Since there wasn’t any detail it was a futile effort that left my eyes tired.

But I just watched two hours of Riddick with the composite>rgb connection and my eyes are nicely rested. Therefore as a health benefit I am endorsing the use of composite connections and progressive scanning for anyone who has a projector.

If I walk up to the screen, the difference appears to be that rather than a series of horizontal lines (alternately bright and dim), the image is now made up of many little squares of uniform brightness.

I am amazed that 1950s technology is still holding up this well. I can’t imagine what high definition tv must be like. But I expect it will be even easier on the eyes than this.

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