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Dream of vampires

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 ~ 7pm

So last night I dreamed about vampires. First, I dreamed of a traintrack, on which a strange open-car train raced past, quickly followed by a car-like vehicle also on the tracks. I commented that I’d seen the open-car train before, that it had in fact once stopped and offered me a job (true – I’d dreamed that a month or two ago) on account of my ability to fly. I was concerned about what was chasing it, so I said goodbye and flew as fast as I could, which still seemed rather slow, and it took me awhile to pass the pursuing car, and then another car I hadn’t noticed, and then found the open-car train. I dropped into a seat on the open-car. And looked back at what was pursuing. Turned out, vampires.

I somehow knew the vampires, and knew they were too powerful for the worn-out train and its crew. The crew and I gathered in a wooden room, impossibly large for a train (but logic did not matter in this dream), and rather than say anything to the crew about how to defend themselves, I simply went into a closet, turned the lock, sat down on the floor, and a moment later heard them scream as the vampires came in and tore them apart. I tried to breathe slowly because I knew the vampire’s enhanced sense of smell would likely tell them I was there.

The door did indeed open, but I said to them “I am owned” and they did not kill me. “I am owned” meant a vampire had put their mark on me and I was in a sense their property. Human. Not turned. But if the vampires respect vampires, they’d respect the mark (a line of heiroglyphics written across the right collar bone area) of that vampire, even if they have no respect for the human being beyond the fact that it is property.

Somehow this transitioned to me being found by some police-like team of vampire hunters, and — here is how I knew about the vampires — I’d worked for them. They were upset that I’d been working for them even while knowing I’d been marked. And it only made them and me feel worse when I told them that I’d seen the deep future and seen that I was a vampire then, too. They were kind of disgusted, and I was feeling sad about it all.

Update: Ug! Last night (the new last night) I dreamed I was being harassed and had to actually poke someone in the eye with the tip of a screwdriver (“Now get to a hospital!” I shouted) to get them to stop.

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