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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 ~ 11am

What a concept. I was looking for a new wallet and found this WalletBe. The WalletBe is designed in recognition of the fact that people mainly use their wallets to show their ID and to use one of their debit cards. With this in mind, they located the ID panel and three credit card slots on the outside of the wallet. Everything else is zippered inside. I plan to use the three outside slots for my debit card, my supermarket card, and my 15-20% tip calculation card.

Perhaps the only downside that occurs to me is that I tend to put sticky notes on the inside of my current wallet — reminders of things to do or appointments to meet — in the expectation that I’ll be flipping open my wallet through the course of the day and will thus be reminded. But I will adapt, and I look forward to eliminating the hassle of pawing through my wallet every time I want to do a simple transaction. Fact is I hardly ever use cash — it is a diminishing form of currency, isn’t it? — and the business cards and obscure membership cards inside my wallet are hardly ever accessed. As such it makes eminent sense for them to be secured out of sight within, with the more commonly used cards at the ready on the outside.

I’ll report back with the construction quality of the WalletBe once it arrives. By the way, the price? Only $23 and shipping. Even if it frays within a year, that’s cheap enough to get another later on.

Update: I’ve received it and the construction is spot-on. Honestly made. The only negative I have experienced with this wallet is that since it takes a few moments to put cash into it, I tend to put any paper change into my pocket and then put it into the wallet later. Not that bad because as I said, one uses cash less often now.

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