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Alysson Mia Mena

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, April 1st, 2005 ~ 12pm

WOw, some nights dreamland just manages to deliver. Alysson Hannigan offers her bright white futon to me as I stumble around an unfamiliar many-roomed house looking for a place to sleep. She’s gone when I wake the next morning. Later that morning when I go looking for her outside she seems to have partially turned into Mia Kirshner. Still later in the day Mena Suavari exits a limo and wants to know if I am a “recurring character or a starring character” before dating me. (She advises Jason Biggs, who says he is only a recurring character, to go date another recurring character). And there was another small blond girl who wasn’t quite the same as Mena Suavari but seemed nicer. She had a sticker on the leg of her jeans which did not say the size of the jeans but rather indicated temperature. And actually very much later in the dream there was a frightening (and frightened) blond creature – not quite human – with white yarn hair (literally) hiding under the towels hanging on a door; that was in a disturbing part of the dream where I found a whole pack of Macht3 shaving cartridges in my mouth, and I was having trouble seeing as a dream character was trying to show me images telepathically but I was having trouble with it.

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