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On the Bubble

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, May 1st, 2008 ~ 12pm

I found a better t-shirt place than Threadless (which has too few designs), and better than Cafepress (which has far too much crap) and better than Zazzle (which just bores me for some reason).

RedBubble.com is an Australian start-up with offices in San Francisco, and I like it so much I feel like trying to come up with some designs for shirts myself. Now I just need to develop talent and skill, because the artists there are on the level of DeviantArt, so far. Of course that may change as more people hear of it (like me?) and lower the overall quality.

Here’s a design by “Sturstein” that I got:

I’ll report back on the quality of the shirt prints once I get one. But the good news as far as the shirts themselves go is that they’re American Apparel.

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