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Where Art Thou dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 ~ 9am

I dreamed I was loved by a younger, dark haired girl from an exceptionally wealthy home (she lived next to Michael Douglas, to give a sense of it). We were flirting with each other, not yet in a relationship, when we went into her house to take (separate) showers after having walked through (uninvited) the garden party of Michael Douglas’ childrens’ weddings, and amid the nudity of toweling off it was clear we were going to become an item. (Unimportant was that she also had a younger sister who she was pissed was using one of the many showers in the house, and there were a couple maids in the room, and there was some older man – her father perhaps? – who came in and was quizzing me about my intelligence, and grousing about his being sued for 10 mil by annoyed neighbors – part of being rich, he explained).

A soundtrack started up, an Annie Lennox song, uplifting and dreamy, and I flew around the outside of the mansion, looking at the beauty of the late afternoon sunlight illuminating the tree branches, and …then I found myself being pulled away from the mansion. I tried to fly back around to it but I was lost. The mansion was gone, my love was gone. I was in an urban city, concrete and city blocks. I also felt, I was in another time, some years later perhaps. Nonetheless I tried to find the neighborhood with the mansion. I asked people if they knew it. Some seemed to think they did, but the closest I came was to a stable, where I recognized a guy who I think was a friend of her family. The horses were unicorns and they were aggressive, and were jousting with the man. When I flew in, they tried to joust with me, and since I was only flying maybe 11 feet off the ground it was quite scary when they reared up.

I was informed that I owned a convenience store, and I replied I better go check on it.

I got there, walking now, and asked each employee if I’d ever talked to them about time — not the need to arrive at work on time, but time in a more philosophical sense. My problem was that I did not recognize any of these people but I had to pretend I was just arriving back at my company like any other day. I did not know who if any of them were confidants who could explain to me what I may have told them about being unstuck in time. But clearly, it appeared that my life had taken a turn and the young woman who I’d thought would be with me, had been taken out of my life some years before.

Basis for this dream: Looks like the rich dark haired girl is a reference to a rich dark haired girl I knew in 2000 or so named Rachael. The sister looks like a reference to a recent person with a sister. The general drama appears derived from the wealthy families depicted on the tv show Veronica Mars. The Annie Lennox music is probably from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, not sure. The convenience store element is unclear. The feeling of a love in a castle-like mansion is probably a reference to K of MA who lived in a tower-like part of a house, and whom I often feel I should have fought harder for.

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