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The Reeses effect of MySpace

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, May 9th, 2008 ~ 1am

MySpace’s disorganized pages are infamous, and today I suffered through another of its problems: Comments can play embedded music, which autostart and overlap with the music being played by the page’s main player. Tonight as I searched for music, I experienced the unintentional melding of Anthony (“Melting Man”) Hudson’s “Def Angel” tracks with a comment that was playing Test Tube Jesus — and I didn’t realize it. In fact they went really well together, the mellow vocals of Andrea Wasse (formerly of “The Weekend”) juxtaposed with the overly theatrical ranting/singing of whoever the guy of Test Tube Jesus is; the lush background textures of Def Angel and the noise of TTJ. When I finally figured out there were two separate songs playing and played them one at a time, I no longer liked either group.

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