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What I did on my day off

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, May 9th, 2008 ~ 4pm

Woke up from many dreams and then ate cereal at a minute before noon. Got hour of sunlight outside on back patio. Neighbors not yet complaining about nude guy with swim trunks positioned strategically over genatalia. Wore sunscreen this time (on my nose and cheeks), and headphones. Came in after about 5 songs each side. Stopped at Jiffy Lube for oil change, leisurely wait in air conditioned waiting room. Thought about driving to WorldMarket but chose Salvation Army instead. Almost bought a tie but it was too drab. Found a CD I sort of wanted for 50 cents. Went to WholeFoods; by chance K was driving by me (over the infamously high speed bump out front) as I was about to cross to go in. Walked over to her car and very briefly said hi. She looked good. I felt good. All fuzzy in a good, nonspecific way one should feel on a day without plans. Bought more cereal. Drove home. Read JiffyLube report — “major multiple leaks”? Realized this wasn’t my car being described. Drove back to JiffyLube, deciding whether I should feel angry or not, but couldn’t quite bring myself to feel angry. Got refund for wrong invoice and then properly billed for my own actual leak-free car. Came home and, well, it is now now. And I may do some work on a website soon. But all in all, this was a carefree day and I feel fine.

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