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Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, May 18th, 2008 ~ 11pm

I am feeling very vulnerable today, as in thin-skinned. Perhaps it is due to this being my first week where my friend is away, in Chicago now. Maybe it is that our house here is changing with Bassist’s imminent departure (though not so imminent in his view or he’d have started packing).

Tangent: I believe he plans to simply move everything he owns into boxes, as opposed to throwing away stuff he doesn’t need. Because if he was going to be packing carefully, he’d need at least three weeks. Not to mention, a supply of identical heavy duty boxes from www.theboxcompany.com. I am not very particular about too many things but it takes effort not to feel like announcing to the world that he needs to start packing, and that to reduce bulk and unnecessary storage and shipping, he should do the culling method of packing, not the “box it all” method. Oh wait. Hello world. So that is some incidental tension, but it is not enough to account for why I feel sensitive.

I could just be low on B vitamin. I took a supplement today so if so, that should cause it to subside by morning.

And I just downed an Omega 3 Mood capsule. Which, CREDIT TO C, I swallowed rather than burst.

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