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Speakers and a future to put them in

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 ~ 4pm

Am I crazy? In light of Bassist leaving for Asia and then away (ne’er to return to Boulder, or at least, not as a housemate), and in light of the resulting fact that he’ll be taking his speakers with him (which he has kindly let me play while he’s been here), I just ordered a pair of speakers.

I chose the exact same speakers I owned a few years ago. Speakers I still own, in fact, but which are in storage. I could have asked my folks to ship them out to me. Instead I got 2 new ones.

My crazy logic? In an ideal speaker set-up, all the surround speakers are identical. You don’t mix brands. You don’t mix models. You try to have the same tonal quality all around you so the speakers essentially vanish. So for the day when I have 7 speakers set up all around me (left-front, center-front, right-front, left-side, right-side, left-rear, right-rear), by getting 2 more I now have 4 identical ones so far. Plus in storage I have a matched center channel. So really I am 5/7ths the way there. But I have no plans to set up a 7 channel system in my bedroom — it is too small for that. 7 channels is for a living room, a future living room.*

And the fact is, these speakers were designed and produced in 2000, 2001 at the latest. Not state of the art — or not promoted as if they are (but really, they don’t change). So they were cheap. Cheaper than what they cost in 2000 in fact. Like, no worries cheap.

And I knew I liked the way they sound.

And look — they’re white, with white screens. And shallow, they hardly are noticeable.

*About that future living room. Sometimes I feel like I am planning for somebody else’s future. I have speakers now for some future living room. Where I’ll have a wife and baby and such stuff. I have more book shelf decorations than I have shelves or room for shelves. Again, for a future place. I have coffee table books for future coffee tables. I have some RevereWare cooking pots and pans for a future kitchen (cooking pots which I at least have in fact used at past apartments). I have DVDs I have not watched, ready for someone’s future. I have music I haven’t listened to yet, for my future? I have a pack of condoms with an expiration date precariously close. Sometimes, I feel like I am some sort of really superior personal assistant to an abstentee clone of myself.

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