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Tsubo! …and Bassist's Farewell Gathering

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, May 25th, 2008 ~ 11pm

What brand of shoes do I love the most? Tsubo. What brand of shoes were included in the tent sale at Boulder Running Company today? Tsubo! I got a pair of slip-on Tsubo Yocto’s for $30!

Tsubo (but not this color)

They’re a $90 shoe, often sale priced at $50, so $30 ($32.45 total) was a steal. I believe this model was from 2 years ago, which is why it was part of the tent sale. All the shoes under the tent were for about a third of their cost, and there were tons of people there. Most of the shoes were for women, though.

I am glad the tent enticed me to stop by, as a store with “running” in the name is not the sort of place I’d be seen (not being athletic).

In related news, if I ever become a millionaire I think I will buy a lot of shoes. I never was into shoes until about a year ago. Now I can’t learn enough about them to satisfy me. Even so, I only own a couple pairs for each season — and I won’t pay full price — so I am only beginning. Total pairs of Tsubo owned: 3.

Today was also an afternoon/early-evening party for Bassist, for his departure. Strangely, the majority of his friends who showed up, I did not recognize. I later learned some of them were most often seen at trivia night at Catacombs, which explains why I haven’t seen them more than, say, once or so. (‘Cause I don’t drink, see, so that’s why). Sarah with an h and a very neat friend of hers came by too and so we three hung out together for most of it. I later was supposed to stop by Catacombs but I appreciated that the only reason why I’d be doing so was because of one particular outgoing woman I wanted to see, and that is a terrible reason to force oneself to go someplace since it is so… hopelessly stupid. The outgoing and the ingoing do not mix. In other news, I cleaned my room while we were cleaning the house for the shindig. So that’s done. Well, the pile of clean clothes has at least moved closer to the closet. And my discs are put away.

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