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Another extremist Pope

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, April 20th, 2005 ~ 1am

Well the Catholics got another extremist Pope. No hope for another John XXIII in our lifetimes, it seems. Not that it matters so much — the Catholic Church used to be recognized as being way beyond what mainstream America related to, and so I imagine it will be recognized in this way again — and never more clearly than now, with Pope Ratzinger being the guy who tried to involve himself in our last election. Soon enough the United States will be divorced from Rome, because Rome can’t stand us, and America won’t put up with Rome. And by Rome, I mean Vatican City, I don’t mean the fair country of Italy. Some people say that the prophecy which was delivered to the children of Fatima was about how the Catholic Church would become so out of touch with its constituents in the new century that it would fracture and fail. Maybe this is what is going on. They feel the fracture, but their response is the opposite of what it needs to be.

What would it take for them to elect someone who has the qualities of a Matthew Fox?

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