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Up from the deep

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 ~ 12am

Ok, I just got back from trivia night and Catacombs was nice enough (better than Connor O’Neils in look & feel, imo) but I feel I still haven’t found a niche to replace the departure of K. Granted it has only been what, two weeks? So, the important thing is to keep looking. I may revisit Catacombs again, but as I didn’t really add more than 2 answers to the trivia contest, perhaps not unless I have a reason to.

My friend J, who has recently relocated, tells me that she found a website that compiles public events/meetings/gatherings that one can attend. A national site, like Craigslist, but for groups. Mygroups or groups?something dot com. In fact she’s not only socializing through it, but she’s also job searching through it, in a non-pressurized way. And it probably has a more diverse age range, since bars trend towards younger people, and other things tend to skew older.

My only other reflection on Catacombs is that I probably could have done that ten years ago, if I was in Boulder then and if I’d such a handle on my stress then as I do now.

On an unrelated professional note, me and K and D just approved the back cover art for the upcoming re-release of Passport to the Cosmos. The publisher had prepared a rough sketch of the back cover. I took the rough synopsis they had and the rough bio and changed those a bit, and asked for some additional blurbs to appear on the back. I am pleased to say that Budd Hopkins’ heartfelt blurb made it on to the back cover of this new edition. In stores October 8. Maybe this book will help settle some of the damnable silly stuff that circulates around this topic. Advance sales have been good, I hear.

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