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Into the Blu

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, June 7th, 2008 ~ 12am

Films I would get on BluRay if I, say, gave into nighttime web store perusal-ing and found a great sale on the Playstation3 BluRay player and then needed to pick some movies immediately:

  • Underworld – always my first pic for BluRay, because “sometimes all you need is a girl in leather shooting guns at werewolves.”
  • V for Vendetta – because it’s a great political movie and recent enough to look damn good in HD.
  • Fifth Element – because the original US DVD, the UK special edition DVD, and the US special edition DVD were only the beginning. And the current BluRay disc isn’t a special edition (they left off all the extras) so chances are this will be only the first time I am getting the BluRay.
  • Gattaca – because it is inexpensive and because it explores classic sci-fi themes about what it is to be you. Also, Uma, and also, the detectives give it a noirish edge.
  • Blade Runner – because I bought it last December. The best sci fi noir ever. Ever!
  • Casino Royale – I’ve rewatched it a few times on DVD, but this film clearly breaks my rule about mainly getting fantasy in BluRay.

On pre-order:

  • Firefly – the series – Nov 11
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season one – Aug 19

Beyond that, I’ll be waiting for sales for a few other titles…and speaking of sales, starting Sunday, Wal-Mart will offer selected Blu-ray movies for $15 each. And DeepDiscount.com is currently running a special coupon-code based sale. And Amazon is having sales too. And JR.com has some for $10.99 and some for $15.99. However, the following titles are not on sale yet:

  • Resident Evil 1 & 3 – because I’ve watched 1 a lot, I know it has replay value. Even though it is scary.
  • Lost – Season 3 (etc, as they become available) – because the jungle is detailed and reportedly looks great.
  • The Golden Compass (this one is really too expensive) – because the cgi is detailed, and because I want a sequel. Not a perfect film.
  • Superman Returns – because this film is a great f’ing film on account of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, and on account of Superman portrayed as someone truly alone and sad. I can relate! Now that said, I hesitate on this BluRay because there is a longer cut in the works, but, I am fairly confident that the director will not allow the extras to be repeated from one edition to the next.
  • Update: Adding Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to the list of titles I’ll get when on sale.
  • Update: Adding Mission Impossible 3 and perhaps 2 to the list of titles I’d get on sale.

And I’ll be waiting for the following to be released on BluRay:

  • Kill Bill 1&2 (coming in 2009, or Sept 2008 at earliest) – Hell yeah.
  • X-Men 2 – and the first one too.
  • The Island – science fiction in high def, mmm.
  • Chronicles of Riddick (both films) – less mmm but ditto.
  • Moulin Rouge – such a visually rich film will look great in high-def.
  • Battlestar Galactica (new series) – cause why not?
  • Minority Report – two great stars, one really good movie.
  • A.I Artificial Intelligence – one of Kubrick’s best films, courtesy of Spielberg
  • Serenity – (coming in October) the disappointing sequel to the Firefly tv series is still worth owning.
  • Leon (The Professional)
  • La Femme Nikita (the movie)
  • The Life Aquatic – the best film about middle age, ever. Ever! (Oddly, the director’s other films, Rushmore and The Royal Tennenbaums, I do not feel need high def).
  • Mulholland Drive
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend – ok so I like Uma, what can I say. It was a funny movie.
  • the first two Bourne Identity movies, maybe
  • Update: Adding Blade Trinity
  • Update: Adding Peter Jackson’s King Kong
  • Update: Adding Constantine – Oct 14

And I am hesitating on the following, which are available on BluRay but have problems:

  • Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – I’d get this, because this was a nicely visual fantasy film. However, chances are a better edition, with the extended scenes found on the special edition DVD, will be paired up with the sequel later on, so I should wait.
  • Enemy of the State – I’d get this, but the longer cut (9 more minutes) is not yet available on BluRay. The theatrical cut is, but, as one of the first BluRay discs produced, it uses an older form of encoding that is not as good as current BluRays. Very rewatchable. Update: The extended version is not director approved, so, it may be ok to get this. On sale.
  • Terminator 2 – the reason this BluRay is so inexpensive is because it has a lousy transfer, one of the earliest BluRay discs to be produced. They will redo it. Plus this is the 137-minute theatrical cut version — the extended version and alternate ending are missing.
  • Dark City – the new director’s cut comes out on BluRay in a couple weeks, but do I watch this enough to justify it? I watch it maybe once a year, maybe once every two years.
  • Hellboy – a fantasy film which therefore should be one I consider getting, but I hated the film when I first saw it, and the character of Hellboy only grew on me when I saw the animated sequels. Now a theatrical live action sequel is coming out, but I must remember my original reaction.

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