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First impressions of BluRay

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, June 9th, 2008 ~ 10pm

First impressions of BluRay:

Too tired to watch a full movie tonight, but the first few minutes of Underworld were impressive. A bit sharper than DVD. Perhaps more important than the superior sharpness of the picture is the absence of compression artifacts — no glowing edges around people, no JPG-like squiggles that come and go. Just a sharp picture all of the time. Naturally some of this depends on the quality of the authoring of the particular movie, but what is clear to me now is that the difference between DVD and BluRay is that where DVD makes compromises with the image, the BluRay does not compromise. It delivers every frame accurately. This is the natural evolution of DVD. It is not a revolution; BluRay is an Olympic athlete version of a DVD.

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