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The Big Chill, and the book that it led to

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, June 13th, 2008 ~ 1am

Tonight I watched The Big Chill again (first time in many years) and then I looked up Meg Tilly to see what she’s been up to since playing the part of Chloe (the younger girlfriend of the deceased) in the film. Turns out she became a writer, and I want to get her novel Singing Songs, which is about her childhood and the sexual abuse that she and some of her siblings endured. She left acting in 1994 when Singing Songs was first published, perhaps because she found writing a better way to express truth than acting. There’s an excerpt on her website that convinced me to get the book. I’ll check if Boulder Book Store has any used or new copies of the 2006 edition before I buy online.

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