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Interior car temp: 96 degrees plus, say, 10

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, June 14th, 2008 ~ 7pm

…only now do I remember, my car’s air conditioning needs to be recharged. Man it was hot today. I got a headache from how hot it was. Ate watermelon to restore water levels… And I need to lay off those cookies that Tim made. As good as they were, the sugar has made me stressed. I make this resolution today, when only 1 cookie remains. I wonder if cars’ air conditioning is a repair-shop type thing, (offered by repair shops) or an “oil change” type thing (offered by drive through places).

Update: June 15: Jiffy Lube does Air Conditioning recharging. Done.

Oh also I awoke to strange voice mail messages from a cop-sounding guy (“it’s an answering machine” he could be heard saying to no one, in an accent I associate with cops). So for awhile this morning I thought perhaps Tim had crashed his bike. But he texted that he was fine.

I can hear a party taking place at the house across from our back yard, the house formerly occupied by the priest. So it appears we’ve got competition for the position of coolest house in the neighborhood now.

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