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Posted in Dream by Will on Sunday, June 15th, 2008 ~ 7pm

Last night’s dream was a sort of sex dream about Clea DuVall, the actress from Carnivale and, briefly, season one of Heroes (as the FBI Agent Audrey Hanson who skeptically comes to accept that policeman Matt Parkman can detect people’s thoughts).

She was leaning across me to kiss a couple girls who were in auditorium seats beside me. I, incongruously, said “But I thought you were a lesbian.” And she looked at me, and I said her name and then I was back in time, on an airplane — evidently a private plane — where she was lying on the red carpeted aisle, a man fucking her missionary style. I was being shown that she was also heterosexual, but it was more than a flashback, I was present there now too, I was cradling her head, like Mary above baby Jesus. The guy came over her stomach and I smeared his cum over her stomach and chest, which pleased her terribly, and it was odd because she — the one who was contemporaneous with the plane — did not know me from the future auditorium. So I told her she’d be meeting me again later, some months or perhaps a few years later. She seemed to accept this odd statement. And then I was back in the auditorium, and I guess I was just pleased to be there with her.

The whole dream was prompted by someone blogging about “Who Are 5 Actors You’d Sleep With, Without Question?” and although I had no intention of answering such a silly survey, I did wonder if I’d choose her. Because even though, yeah, she carries herself like a lesbian, I really like her voice and her style, and her choice of acting roles. The only one I knew for sure would be on the list was Uma Thurman.

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