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Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, June 16th, 2008 ~ 11am

Do you ever believe that the people you meet in dreams are real? I say “ever” because for me it tends to be the kind of belief that can be nearly a certainty, to something that I just wonder may be a possibility (depending on when last I’ve risen from such a sleep experience). Something that I feel could be true. Something that I hope is true, because sometimes the people I meet are so worth meeting, any way one can.

So last night, I had a powerful dream. I met a species (or a generation) I hadn’t met before. Or not been savvy enough to speak with as much. I’d rather put this in my diary, but since I don’t have a diary, I’ll record it here when I get back home from work.

I’ll just set the scene: I was in the arms of a being, flying, my arms wrapped around him/her as she/he flew. He/she had a lovely, amused tone throughout.

A fan dressed as the Gabriel from the movie Constantine, at DragonCon 2006(continued)

“Are you a male or female?” I asked, honestly unaware of which he or she was, suspecting female from the tone of voice.
“Neither,” the creature said.
“Oh!” I replied.
“Oh, is this a socialization question?” she/he asked, upon recognition that I, as a male from a species of males and females, was asking its gender because I found the creature to be beautiful, and was seeking gender-based permission to find him/her attractive. It was a rhetorical question, I needn’t answer.
“You value socialization so highly,” the being continued, “Above all others. And yet the number of socializations you have is …none!” he/she exclaimed, bemused at the irony but with no trace of mocking as he/she maintained a slightly joyous tone that it held from the start.
“Not as many as I’d like,” I offered.

By the way, it used the term “socialization” or “socializations” both as a reference to friends and lovers. The difference being great to us, but perhaps subtle to its kind, for reasons that should be obvious (in a world where everyone has the same potential, our distinction would seem cultural rather than innate).

It was very much like a human person, with light skin and light hair. Taller perhaps, since I clung to its torso without feeling like I was lower than it. Its voice was higher than most men’s, but sounding just like a human person. I have gone all day trying to avoid calling it an angel, despite the historical documentation that angels are without gender, because to use a religious label would only be a way to separate myself from it (and I don’t want that) …to show ignorance, to suggest a distance when there is no distance, or at least no more distance than we are willing to have between any species.

When I was with he/she, I felt that I was likely with a future generation that had evolved past the male and female subdivision. The term “generation” was strongly in my mind. Perhaps it had used that word in the moments before my detailed recall of our conversation (my transcription, above) began? I suppose — and this is rather contrary to my initial suspicion, but feels more true now — that one could look at all life forms, each species, and call each a “generation” from Source. Different life arising at different times, in different ways. Different generations. Not necessarily meaning descendants. Just different springs of life. Even if it was a future generation in the “descendant” sense, it would have had to have arisen with a fairly substantial difference for it to be without gender — as much a difference as homosapiens were from cromagnons. Much more so, in fact.

Each member of its species had the same birth potential as any other, so even the term androgynous simply did not fit; a species with neither male nor female would not think to describe themselves that way, they would not think to describe themselves as having qualities of two genders, when they’re experienced with having only one. (Until or unless it met species with genders, of course, but even then, it wouldn’t be an instinctive way of describing themselves — I imagine they’d be more likely to describe males as having a dominant run some qualities, and female as having a dominant run of some qualities).

So I flew with it, and had that chat, and that is all I recall. That conversation, and that the sky was golden.

Update: Looking at my handwritten notes that I wrote this morning, I see also that I dreamed that sometimes it wore a mask that covered its forehead, like Batman, but with two vertical plastic slats extending down from the forehead nearly to its jawline, one over each eye (protecting the eyes, and also so you couldn’t quite tell where in those vertical slats its eyes were). And it would wear solid white or solid black paint-like makeup on the visible part of it face. Why? Who knows.

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