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Firefox – yep

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 ~ 1pm

I’ve downloaded the new Firefox 3 (for Windows) onto my work computer. I like it, and will download it to my home computer now that I am satisfied it is good.

Update: Actually, I’d like to change the font in the drop-down “Awesome bar” to something else, but I’m sure someone will show how to tweak that soon. Update: Someone did, it is an add-on called OldBar. Does not change how it works, just changes it to look similar to the bar of old.

Some of my plugins have not been updated by their developers yet, but typically in the comments fields of every plugin, there are messages from people who have made their own unofficial updates to the plugins — Statusbar clock for example, exists in unofficial form. So does TitlebarTweaks. So I’m using those and I am happy. Everything is working the way it should.

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