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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 ~ 5pm

You know what’s hard? Breaking rocks? Sure. But also, finding prescription sunglasses. I visited Sunglasses Hut after work today and it was nice but only maybe 5% of the sunglasses there could be fitted with Rx lenses. I’ve already been to Aspen Eyewear (great place for prescription glasses, but not many sunglasses to choose from — though I may go there again for another look). And next is some other sunglasses place called Sunlgasses Pros on Pearl Street, which I am guessing may just be fashion (read, too expensive) sunglasses. Update: Yep, Sunglasses Pros is so haughty that you can’t even touch the glasses yourselves, they’re behind glass and the employee has to hand them to you.

I just visited Envision Boulder, on Spruce Street, and it was nice. I didn’t find anything I liked but the environment was very nice; a fine mixture of relaxed and polite.

And today (June 18) I left work early (air conditioner still broken) and went for a haircut — a cheap haircut. Not my usual indulgence. Frugal. My concession to the gas crisis. I’ll still go to Pompadours when I can, but this cheap one should last me a few months. Though I miss my highlights — I’ll compensate by using extra goop.

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