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Paste 44

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, June 20th, 2008 ~ 7pm

This month’s PASTE sampler CD gets kind of country/twangy, but as usual a couple tracks got my notice: “Oh no” by KaiserCartel — already ordered — and a song by Katie Herzig, who I’m not entirely sure about. I’ve decided if I get one of Katie Herzig’s albums it will be “Weightless”, but I’m not entirely convinced I’d replay it enough to justify getting it.

Here’s the KaiserCartel song:

I gotta say, I think this is where emo meets country: it is a song about love, and the person’s first thought is “oh no.”

Ooh, score: The earlier albums by the Kaiser half of KaiserCartel, Courtney Kaiser, are on Amazon.com resellers for one cent. A cd from her other band (from circa 2006), Patina, is impossible to find so far, if indeed they ever released a cd.

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