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Clea cast! And another dream.

Posted in Dream by Will on Monday, June 30th, 2008 ~ 3pm

Yay, Clea DuVall (see my earlier dream about her) has been cast in a new show being created by the guy who made the new Battlestar Galactica.

And in related news, last night I dreamed the current Starbuck, Kara Thrace, was in the original 1978 Battlestar (where Colonel Tigh was a black man, and where Cylon Raiders looked different, etc). She had on the blue wool uniform with the gold patches and everything. She was taking pot shots at Cylon Raiders through the Viper launch tube (handheld, sans Viper) and laughing.

And then a bonus element: In the briefing room, Uma Thurman appeared and we both leaned in to kiss her gently, the light from the illuminated table softly lighting our three-way kiss.

Ah, good dreams, good dreams. I guess Uma was being like Six.

Today at work I cleaned the Tech Room. Or made a third of a good dent in it. I was ferocious in throwing things away. Well, I put a hell of a lot into storage boxes that I labeled “Destroy: 2009”, since this company second-guesses itself often. Boss is away, so we can clean in ways that we could not ordinarily (since he tells people to “stop” when he is not involved).

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