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Film Op: Aeon Flux

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, May 2nd, 2005 ~ 8pm

I can’t give an informed “Op”inion on the new theatrical vision of Aeon Flux yet, because it isn’t out yet, nor have I seen it. However I do encourage all serious science fiction fans to check out it’s official website, www.aeonflux.com, and click on the floating bubble labelled “timeline.” You’ll need to click it there, because elsewhere on the site the button labelled “timeline” doesn’t work. Click it when it is floating, and you’ll get a three-hundred year backstory for the film. Looks promising!

Not quite the same world as in the Aeon Flux anime shorts, but an intruiging world all the same. The city is still named Bregna, but now …it’s the only city on earth. How it got that way is in the Timeline.

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