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Random dream

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, July 4th, 2008 ~ 12pm

I dreamed of some kind of art school for goths, and on many doors including the study halls were paper signs declaring “No Dark Thoughts Allowed!”.

Weirdly, when flying I was carrying some kind of Olympic torch (not lit), or other Greek-like antique, as if it were the equivalent of a broomstick. I did not look at it directly but saw my shadow along the floor.

I also dreamed of a woman in her fifties with a patch of red skin around one of her eyes (a birthmark) who had not left her home, and had imprisoned her now 23 year old daughter, for more than 20 years. The father had evidently walked out “for New York” when the daughter was three, and the daughter immediately assumed I was from New York too since she had no other frame of reference; she had never seen anyone else around the house since then. The older woman had live turkeys and such for food (the daughter was often kept in a side-yard barn-area near them) and probably got deliveries of other staples. The daughter was years younger, mentally and physically, than she should have been (she had the affect of a 10 year old), and I confronted the woman (after having flown in, accidentally landing there when I was tired and unable to sustain my flying) about what she was doing, but she told me she was going to defend her property and then she shot me in the head, which I was not alarmed by, and which I quickly recovered from since I was still in flying mode (and thus not densely embodied). I angrily told her she could get the birthmark treated, as I left her property. Later on, I visited her in a dream (a dream of hers) and saw what her life could be like if she had the birthmark treated — a wall in her living room repainted bright green, a friend her age to visit occasionally for tea, etc. But I doubted that such a radical improvement would actually take place.

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