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Fourth of July

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, July 4th, 2008 ~ 9pm

Had an unexpected cookout with Bekah & Chris, Sanjay (not actual names), and another couple later on. Their tubing expedition ended in Boulder (of course) so they needed a place to crash afterwards, and I needed something to do. So it worked out well.

Though I of course still ended up in bed alone. Well not really in bed yet, since it is only 9pm here, but, barring any unforseen circumstances (angels falling from the sky) that is how it will end. (Yes, I am de-prescient — the ability to be sad about things that have not yet happened). That sad note aside, it was good to have the grill going again, and, we even managed to use the neighborhood pool even though we still don’t have our key yet.

I wasn’t referring to any particular person about that bed remark by the way — I am not pining for Bekah, I just mean there weren’t any women for me to fall-in-crush with. But everyone was good conversation. Although it was short notice, I managed to run out to get watermelon and carrot sticks and stuff before they showed up, and they brought the more meatier parts of the meal.

Now it is about 9:20 pm and I am not planning to go to any of the fireworks, I think I’ll stay in and watch National Treasure 2. I was tempted to call __ but hormones (mine) are running high so unless for some reason she has the same idea as me, I really better not as it would convolute our friendship.

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